New Year's Resolutions

With just a few more days left this year, I think it's high time that you should be drawing up a list no one should be without before the new year comes. I'm not talking about the list of people who screwed 2009 for you, even though that's a totally good idea. I mean, there have been some people this year who should totally not get anything from Santa. Yes, I'm looking at you, Andal Ampatuan, Jr.

Anyway, the list I'm talking about is the one I do every year and forget two days after I write it: New Year's Resolutions.

I've never stuck to my list before, so I've been thinking that maybe 2010 should be different. I dunno why it should be, but it will.

So, with the help of my faithful manservant Friedrich, I've come up with my newest list, which should look almost identical to lists done by mid-twenties women who have no life.

3. Explore new things. Sure, I eat at kanto carinderias that use one serving spoon for all dishes and plates washed in questionable water, but I'm not sure if that's adventurous enough. So next year I'm going to do things so daring that people will remember it for years, like going to a BIR office thirty minutes before lunch break and expect to be treated like a human being. I know, right? Gutsy!

2. Be kinder. I already am, actually. As evidenced by the fact that not one Iloilo Supermart employee has been harmed. Yet. And I also smile to people a lot. I'm drunk most of those times, but still. I think, though, that I should take the kindness thing a notch higher and make a bigger effort of not laughing out loud when Mommy D is on TV.

1. Lose weight. Fine. So, this is a teensy bit similar to most people's lists and one that has been on all of my to-do lists sice I turned 18, which was just a couple years ago, in case you're wondering. Anyway, I'm taking this one seriously next year. Why? Because, some time next year or the year after that, somebody will invent a time machine that would allow me to travel back to late 60s or early 70s and I don't wanna look like a pig when I finally meet John Lennon or Ray Davies.

And if you're thinking the pig comment is one an anorexic might say, just wanna let you know that my weight right now is my ideal weight. If I'm 5'10". So don't judge.

Three for now, but don't worry as this list will get longer as the new year nears. Now, where's Friedrich? I need my cuppa tea.