The City of Smiles Vs. The City of Love

The VS. in the title should warn you of the main topic this blog would be discussing. If not, then we would need to re educate you, which would take weeks and would not give you time to read this blog now. Run along, my sweet.

So, for those remaining and have at least a basic knowledge of abbreviations and their meanings, let's start.

I spent last weekend in the second city I call home, a small one south of my current place of residence and home of the Masskara Festival. Monday off meant a long weekend and rather than starving myself in Iloilo, I decided to make a smart move for once and spend my extended weekend eating my mom's cooking in Bacolod. And boy, am I still full.

Besides eating like an inmate on death row in his last hours, though, I also had time to think of things I already put in the back of my mind when I moved back here. When one has been a resident of two cities, one can't help but compare the two, especially when one is bored. So in the spirit of honesty and that feeling you get when you want to incite a heated debate but don't want to really say it out loud, I would like to present the list that all inhabitants of both cities must have.

In Iloilo City:

1. Cuter jeepneys. Yep. The City of Love is home for the best looking jeepneys this side of the Pacific. And you don't realize that until you set foot in the land of sugar canes. I don't mean to say that Bacolod has hideous-looking jeepneys; all I'm saying is they're butt-ugly. I rode on one the first time I was there; I accidentally dropped some change and they went straight to the streets. No hope of recovery since the jeepney driver couldn't hear me with all the clunking noise the vehicle was making. And, what's more, they have the slowest public utility vehicles, or rather the slowest drivers for public utility vehicles. These men worship corners and would spend at least 15 minutes at each one with no regards to the fact that the jeepney is full and there are no other people in sight that could possibly want to ride the jeepney.

I think they're praying.

2. Better customer service. This came as a huge surprise for me as I have been crusading for the destruction of all Iloilo Supermart employees for years now. I was of the opinion that they were the vilest, most irritating pretend-clerks that ever existed.

I was wrong.

I met some who can give IS employees a run for their money. And these weren't from out of the way, small businesses but big franchises like Chowking and SM. 
I was in Watson's one time looking for a St. Ives moisturizer and of course was just happy to ask for assistance from an employee, and I was treated worse than if I was at a Bureau of Internal Revenue office 20 minutes before lunchtime.

In Bacolod City:

1.Cleaner environment. Go around down town Iloilo for two hours between 9am and 5 pm. The dirt and grime that you collect in those two hours equal the dust and grime you collect going around down town Bacolod from 9am-5pm for two days. Believe me. I'm as serious as Mel Carreon every time he runs.

2.More eating choices. They have more restaurants along one street than in all of Iloilo City. They have Bob's Cafe, which is cheaper than Coffee Break and more delish than Starbucks. And while you're at it, they also have Starbucks. Not to mention that the best tasting litson manok I've ever tasted came from Bacolod.

I'm not siding with either of the cities I mentioned, you must understand (iloilo! iloilo!); I'm just looking out for you. You know me. I care more about other people than I do myself.

*looks away and whistles* ... Ummm...what were we talking about?

Oh, that! So,yeah, visit both places and check to see if what I say is true, which I think you'd do 'cause you don't trust me. But that's fine. *sniffles and looks away* I'm just gonna wait here for your thoughts when you're back.