Chocolate Deprived Musings

I'm a 25-year-old single female with a decent job, a nice family, acceptable intelligence. A lot of things working for me. Well, at least I think so. I'm not that bad looking. My mother was even heard once to have said that with the right lighting, a bottle of beer and when she leans her head just so, I can almost pass off as pretty. But why oh why am I still single? And it's just not me, we have more old maids in this city than in any city in the world.

With all the Saturday nights I spent alone, I've had more than ample time to speculate on the possible reasons why the fabulously awesome women in Iloilo are still unfortunately(?) single.

1. Women outnumber men 7 to 1. The men in Iloilo City are spoiled. They might deny this but it doesn't make it less true. With more choices, most of them willing, men here have this incurable fascination to unfaithfulness. It's true. Ask the person next to you and I bet my life savings, which amounts to fifty pesos, that he/she knows somebody whose husband or boyfriend is cheating on them.

I point this out to a male friend and he says that all the cheating men do in this city is in the spirit of social work. He says that in response to the need posed by the women in our society for a testosterone-fueled carbon-based life form,they (the testosterone-fueled carbon-based life forms), self-sacrificing creatures that they are, are just giving us what we want. This coming from a guy who believes WWE is real; he cried when The Undertaker was 'buried'.

But you have to agree though that, twisted it may be, the guy has a point. The blatant polygamous activities of some men in this city might be in support for a cause they believe in, i.e. making women happy.

Nevertheless, it still saddens me that with the double duty the boys are doing in service of us, there are still women in this city that sleep alone at night and only dream of their Prince Charming until their hair turns grey.

2. Quota. This theory came up during one of my fat-chewing sessions with other single friends. You see, we have this friend who's been in and out of relationships since she turned 14. She two-timed, three-timed , and I think there was an instance where she four-timed. Based on the number of boys she's had and the number of girls in our little girl group, we think the reason why some of us in the group are still single is that we've used up the assigned number of guys to us. Or rather, she did.
We deduce that God, or any deity you believe in, only gives a certain number of boys to a group of girls. And it's up to the girls on how to divvy up the number so that each one gets a fair share, and 3 of my friends have never had a boyfriend 'cause our friend exhausted our supply.

Try. Check if you have a friend who's been single since birth and I bet, not my life savings but maybe just one cup of instant coffee, that you also have a friend who's had more than her share of boyfriends.

I'll leave you two theories/reasons for now. Off to eat lunch.

*tosses hair then leaves*